How To Use Instagram For Productivity And Time Management?

Instagram has changed a lot over the past few months. It’s no longer just for sharing photos and filters. It now features live video, poll questions, and other photo effects that were never before possible. With a little imagination, Instagram can be transformed into a work and productivity tool.¬† services can help you save time and effort by providing you with an easy way to grow your Instagram following.

Here are ways to use Instagram for productivity and time management:

Use Instagram Live Video to get more Traffic

Your customers want to see and hear you. Live video is a great way to accomplish that goal. While Facebook has the most users, it’s also saturated with traffic. Instagram, on the other hand, is perfect for getting new customers. You can easily push a link to your live video and drive traffic to your business.

Use Instagram Poll Questions as Customer Surveys

Many people are annoyed with surveys because they’re too long. This actually works against you because you’re losing customers. To address this problem, use Instagram poll questions instead. Instead of using Google Forms for customer surveys, you can use the quick and easy polls that Instagram features! They’re easy enough for anyone to fill out, and they’re perfect for collecting data from customers.

Use Instagram to Motivate Employees with a Meme

Instagram can be used to motivate employees. A simple example is when you want to increase your productivity. You could create a meme that looks fun and is filled with possible results. Your employees will see this and start working faster, which will increase your productivity.

Use Instagram TV Ads for Marketing

Advertising on Instagram is perfect for marketing. Want more people to see your business? Create a TV ad using live video. You can show your product in action and make it look extremely attractive. This is an excellent way to get new customers while increasing traffic to your business.

Use Instagram Stories as a Journal

Instagram stories are perfect for keeping a journal. Many people keep private journals, either on paper or on an app. Now you can use Instagram to keep your private journal. Just make sure you’re adding new content every day and not just reposting the same updates all the time.

Use the “Insta-Poll” to Get Users to Give Their Opinion

A lot of people are annoyed with polls because they’re long and tedious. You can fix this with an insta-poll. This is great because you can easily create polls in a fast and simple way on Instagram. The poll will simply ask your users what they think about your business.

Use Instagram’s Filters as Tools for Productivity

The filters in Instagram can be used as tools to work faster and more efficiently. You can use this to increase productivity by using it to organize your photos, make your photos easier to edit, and simple things like that. You can even use it as a tool for creativity with the likes of apps like Pixlr.