It is quite astonishing as to how mother nature is more than just an oxygen cycle for humans. Flowers aren’t only known for their looks but support the agricultural sector. In the same way even plants, are extremely useful for the human race. They are formulated in various forms that provide several organic products. But it is also essential to take care of the flora kingdom from insects, pests and rusts that evade and destroy the healthy specimens. Neem oil, Singapore has is one of the many plant care products for which the country is known for.

Plants need to be protected from the fungicides and insecticides that invade and harm the plant life as well as human life. Several plant care products are available in the market of Singapore. There are two types of products:

  1. Synthetic- Effective but harmful as well
  2. Organic- Less effective but with zero toxicity

Neem oil being a natural product blends in perfectly with the plants, serving its purpose of protecting them by acting as a repellant. The products that consist neem oil as the main ingredient are,

  1. StarX Neem Oil
  2. Baba Mr. Ganick Dr. Neem
  3. HB-101 Plant vitalizer
  4. OGL Emulsified Neem Oil
  5. Arimu Cold Pressed Organic Neem Oil
  6. Green Spade
  7. OrgoNutri Neem Oil
  8. Organic Plant Potion
  9. Neem Oil 99.9

There may be several products sold in the market that contain neem oil as the main ingredient but the concentration ratio matters a lot based on the plant type.

Sometimes it is not just about repelling the pests but also to cure the plants if they have incurred any disease from the synthetic fertilizer. There are two types of neem oil which are being manufactured,

Neem oil, Singapore

  1. Crude neem oil
  2. Refined or pure neem oil

The factors which are to be taken into consideration while choosing the neem oil are less phytotoxicity and longer shelf-life. The components of neem oil have small life when they are active. In Singapore, mostly the neem oil products don’t require any premixing and are ready to use or spray on the plants.


Neem oil is an extremely effective plant care product that is used worldwide but in Singapore, much better products are passed on that has shown a positive affect on the agriculture as well as indoor plantation conserving the originality of the plants and keeping miticides away.