Different Ways that Follow to Pass in the Drug test

When a company recruits a person and also during their tenure period they may conduct a drug test to ensure that the person is stable, safe, and is being efficient. So that they may use urine tests as one of the methods since it is easy and also will not cost much. The statistical report says that nearly 53 percent of drug tests are taken during the process of recruitment of a person in a company. So, to escape from the test and also to get a job, people who are consuming illegal drugs may follow certain ways when they submit their urine samples for tests. If we look at those majorly they are following three ways and those are adulteration, sample dilution, and substitution. All these are not legal ones and may avoid being away from legal actions once they are found.

  • Adulteration is the way in which they may add certain chemicals to the urine like vinegar and also soap solutions. When the urine is tested these chemicals will interfere with the results and may support showing the reduced level of the drug. Adding those chemicals into the urine is called adulteration and that will initiate the chemical reactions that will favor the intention.
  • Dilution is another way and in this, the water will be mixed with the urine hence the drug concentration will be diluted. The addition of water will be done directly and indirectly. Indirectly if a person drinks a lot of water before giving the sample then the diluted urine will come out. Some of them may mix the water directly to make the dilution.
  • Substitution is the way where they will submit the urine samples of others rather than the self. To support this way there are products called fake urine or synthetic urine available and also they may submit as a substitution during the drug test to get positive results.

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In the above way, let us see some of the facts on the substitution method since fake or synthetic urine is used.

  • Synthetic urine is available in both liquid and powder form and in this, the powder can be made as a liquid by simply mixing with the water. The liquid form can be used directly. This synthetic urine will look similar to the real urine in the color, odor, and also pH.
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