Ways to Conduct Amazon Product Research Like a Pro

Experts emphasise market evaluation if you want to make a lot of money as an Amazon seller. As a result, it is critical to conduct thorough amazon product search before jumping in full-time. Because the process of being an Amazon seller can be stressful, newcomers may look into alternate business tactics such as retail arbitrage. But trust us when we say that every successful Amazon seller has gone through this stage. Choosing the best bankable product is not as difficult as it appears.

Therefore, let’s begin.

What Does Amazon Product Research Mean?

Amazon Product Research is all about researching current market trends in order to select “winning” goods – items that may produce a lot of revenue.

The goal is to look for things that you can obtain cheaply and then offer at competitive pricing with a high profit margin. For example, you may be able to sell athletic socks for $2 per pair, but if they aren’t that excellent, you may receive bad feedback from your clients, resulting in minimal sales.

The first and most important step in getting started as an Amazon seller is to identify a killer product. Most people who look at FBA will never start until they can come up with low-competition, high-demand, and private label items.

Amazon has progressed to the point where simply putting on a great logo and developing special packaging is no longer sufficient. With an expanded number of sellers and stricter selling regulations, it is critical to recognise that the traditional tactics for identifying items will no longer function in the present environment.

You must make a list of the best-selling Amazon items that you want to sell. Then, see whether similar things are selling well. This step is critical since you never want to trade products that no one is looking for.

Amazon Product Research Requirements Checklist

finding products to sell on amazon

Here is a simple checklist of what is needed to create the best product. Your work becomes easier with these parameters.

  1. Prices for products ranging between $10 and $50
  2. Products that generate at least ten sales every day
  3. Similar goods with at least a 5,000 best seller rating in the main category
  4. The top three related keywords receive over 50,000 monthly searches on Amazon.
  5. There are no seasonal goods. They can sell 2-3 things with fewer than 50 reviews on the top page all year.
  6. Products that are small and lightweight (under 2 to 3 pounds)
  7. The product has no brand names or trademarks linked with it.
  8. A product might be priced at 25% or even less than its retail price.
  9. Appropriate space for product optimization and upgrading of current listings
  10. Several product-related keyword possibilities
  11. Product procurement from China should be quick and simple.
  12. The product should not be delicate.
  13. Capability to develop your brand with complementary items
  14. Can create a superior product in comparison to similar items on the market
  15. The product encourages repeat purchasing
  16. There should be no legal difficulties with the goods.