Influence of Various Design Parameters of Workplace on the Productivity

A workplace called the office environment will make a powerful impact on productivity. Hence, the design of the workplace is much important to create a better mood for employees to be in line with the work nature. More research indicates that workplace design affects productivity by more than 40 percent. What isa workplace or office design? It is providing enough space with all facilitiesfor the employees to execute their work. Frankly speaking, generating an open stage to the employees to produce the best performance. Beyond the facility, the atmosphehttps://opstar.mere of the office will strongly impact the mental health of the employees. If there is a better environment then it leads to more positive aspects in the work culture. How do we make the office atmosphere in a betterment way? Including the lighting, plants, and art in the officewill make a strong impact. Also, painting in a colorful way may improvise the mental relaxation in the working atmosphere. Let us see one by one now.


Lighting: It is one of the important factors that greatly enhance office design. The lighting plays a crucial role in the office atmosphere of the work-life in different ways. It influences productivity, safety, and mental health. Natural lighting is always better for the workplace, If any issue with getting natural light, it is advised to identify the right kind of lighting to maintain the right mood. In general, natural light will provide the required vitamin to the employees. A cool and warm lighting setup in the office will encourage and enhance collaboration and will decrease fatigue. The lighting may amplify using different properties like curtains, mirrors, etc.

Plants: Connecting with nature always makes us pleasant and positive. Keeping different plants in the office atmosphere will improve the work potential and greatly help the employees to avoid the stress and noises. It will ensure the clean air present inside the office.

Placing Art: Keeping the different art items in the office surely will improve the productivity and creativity of the employees. Also placing the suitable art inside the office atmosphere will improve the aesthetic value. It is better to keep the most specified art than the generic one.

Surrounding Colors: Colors used in the surroundings will definitely alter the moods and reactions of the persons. Soft colors will have more impact on creating positive moods for the employees. Each color will serve a different purpose, where the natural colors will encourage focus and efficiency.

But in the case of the virtual office 오피스타, the management no need to focus on these parameters where they have to focus on the suitable packages that extensively support the productivity.