All You Need To Know About The Jungle Scout Amazon

This tool helps you check the average number of sales within a specific amazon product category for a particular amazon marketplace. It also estimates the revenue potential for sellers operating in the selected product category. Spy on your competitors and find existing new product niches to break.

Amazon FBA Product Research:

What Is It And Why So important?

Amazon FBA product research is essential to any FBA business juss. Doing significant jungle scout amazon product research helps the company to understand the best products to sell on amazon FBA and helps predict which trends are worth focusing on in the future. It is a method of analysing choosing items and market trends that will sell best. However, selling on amazon is more complex than simply offering desirable products since with high demand comes increased competition.

Use A Product Tracker Tool:

jungle scout amazon

An amazon product research tool or product tracker tool can help you source products in great demand. There are a few to choose from, such as the seller app and jungle scout amazon. Each tool provides various types of capabilities and data. Nearly all allow you to filter best-selling products. A product tracker tool also shows you historical sales volumes by which you can see how sales fluctuate from season to season.

Generate New Product Ideas:

Amazon displays all of its best-selling items by product category on its best sellers page and updates them. When starting your list of potential products to sell, look at which products make it into the top 10 list of products regularly. Using the amazon best sellers page can help you narrow down your offerings to a specific niche that is less competitive.

Review Your Sales Data:

As an Amazon FBA business, it’s to review your inventory as a sequence of the monthly sales volume reports to see which items sell best and which may need to discontinue. Keeping the stale inventory can be costly. Amazon provides definite reports to help amazon sellers to maximise sales and optimise their product listings.

Some to review are:

Recommends Removal: This report shows which inventory is at risk of being charged long-term storage fees. It provides a picture of which products may no longer be selling good and must be removed from your listings.

Daily Inventory: A snapshot of your inventory, including location and quality. This report can be received daily or weekly, or monthly.

Amazon fulfilled Shipments. An overview of completed consumer orders with product-level details to show you which items are selling best.